Clinton New Jersey

The Vollaro Quartermaine Family

By John R. Vollaro                                       January 2002

The pictorial family tree shows the members of the Vollaro Quartermaine family and their full names. John & Alice met while John was serving in the Navy and stationed in Illinois. They were married on December 28, 1963 and by the time John was discharged in 1966, they were a family of four. Their first two children, Daniel and Jennifer were born in North Kingstown Rhode Island while Sharon and Thomas were born in Clinton New Jersey where the family settled after John was discharged from the Navy.

Clinton New Jersey is situated on the North Branch of the Raritan River in the North Western part of the state. The two grist mills located at the rivers edge testify to the towns history as a mill town but for the thirty years that the family lived there, it was a peaceful residential town and an ideal place to raise a family. The children walked to school and to the small library where Alice was a volunteer. The river that ran through the town often served as a playground where the children swam in the summer and went ice-skating in the winter.

The family went to church every Sunday and church activities helped the family to become rooted in the community. Dan who taught himself to play the guitar soon had John and Tom involved in the folk choir with him. John & Alice worked in several church ministries through the years and bonded with other families in the area as a result. The friendships and memories that were formed through these years of growth made a lasting mark on every family member and are one of the treasures that the family shares with the community in Clinton.

Another treasure trove of family memories stems from many summer vacations spent at Schroon Lake in the Adirondack Mountains of New York. Schroon Lake has been a favorite recreation area for the Vollaro family for four generations and promises to continue to be for many more (see Schroon Lake section ). It has provided endless opportunities for healthy adventures and activities in the clean mountain air and crisp streams, lakes and ponds of the area. The children all learned to swim, sail, and water ski at an early age. Hiking, camping, and a host of other outdoor activities often end with an exhausted family sharing the stories of the day while gathered around the dinner table or a campfire. John and Alice found this life style so compelling that they built their retirement home on Schroon Lake with plenty of extra room for family gatherings.

The identity and character of the Vollaro Quartermaine family stems from a strong Christian value system that has been asserted and upheld for many generations in both families. A healthy marriage, good education, and a strong work ethic are among these values. The health and happiness that the family has enjoyed through the years is largely due to being surrounded by an extended family and living in a community that honors the same values. John and Alice are grateful for their heritage and to all who have helped their family to grow and prosper.

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