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My Scrapbook

        By John R. Vollaro       January 2006

Hello and welcome to my electronic scrap book. It includes photos and documents that I have collected through the years. Other things that can not be included here are listed with a description that tells where they are located and why they are of interest. 

There are five sections devoted to particular periods of time beginning before I was born and ending with the time of this writing. The Ancestors section covers 1800 - 1940 and tells as much as I know of my ancestors. Brooklyn covers 1941 - 1961, the time I spent growing up in Brooklyn NY. The Navy section is devoted to the four years I spent in the US Navy from 1962 - 1966. Clinton covers the following 35 years from 1966 - 2001 when my wife and I lived in Clinton NJ and raised our family. Adirondack covers the years from 2001 to the present as our adventure continues.

There are several other sections covering other areas of particular interest to me and my family. Schroon Lake reveals our relationship to this area in upstate New York that has endeared itself to five generations of my family since 1932. Sailing and boating are life long hobbies of mine and the Travel section shows some of the places we have gone as tourists. The Locations section is an index to all the things that don't fit in a scrapbook but are important to me.

Click on any section you like and I hope you enjoy what you see as much as I have enjoyed putting it together.