Clinton New Jersey

The Vollaro Quartermaine Family


 April 14
      John asked Alice to marry him, she said YES!
 September 1 (Labor Day Weekend)
      Engagement  party  at  Schroon  Lake,  Announced to the world, John gave
 Alice the ring, everyone was there including the Quartermaines.
 December 28
      John & Alice married at St. Frances De Sales in Muskegon Michigan.
 December 15
      Daniel Richard born to Alice and John at Quansit Point Naval Hospital in
 North Kingstown, Rhode Island.
      The USS Lake Champlain, CVS-39, is retired from active service and  sent
 to  the naval ship yards in Philadelphia. John is transfered to the USS Essex
 prior to discharge.
 March 24
      Jennifer Louise born to Alice and John at Quansit Point  Naval  Hospital
 in North Kingstown, Rhode Island.
 June 22
      John  received  an  honerable  discharge from the U.S. Navy, four months
 late because of the start of the Viet Nam War.
 June 29
      John began work at Bell Telephone Laboratories as a Technical  Aide  for
 an  annual  salary  of  $6996. They lived in Hampton New Jersey in the 45 X 8
 foot mobile home that they lived in while in Rhode Island.
      Bought a 6 room ranch house at 6 Busher Place, in Clinton New Jersey.
 October 27
      Sharon Alice born to John and Alice at the Hunterdon Medical  Center  in
 Flemington  New  Jersey.  She  was  five  weeks early and weighed less than 5
 pounds. Sharon was delivered by Dr. Pierce.
:6800 @red1 'danny, jennifer and sharon|
:68winter @red1 'danny and jennifer|
      Began  work  on  Spider  with  A.G.  (Sandy)  Fraser.  Spider   was   an
 experimental computer network that connected 12 computers together.
:6900 @red1 'family pictures|
  Donder is aquired
  Began job at Egan Machinery (1970-1975)
:7010 @info 'donder|
:7011 @slides 'shows donder|
:7111 @slides 'friends were duffy, palonis, mageleski|
:71    winter @slides 'christmas|
:72    summer @slides 'john changed hair style because of baldness
           ben & betty in trailer, (michigan)
           grandma quartermaine with kids
           grandma stout|
May 1973
  Deck added to 6 Busher Pl
:7303 @slides 'alice with long hair|
:7312 @slides 'sharon took dancing lessons
       danny & jim duffy, sharon & debbie mageliski|
Jan 1974
  First sailing trip
July 1974
  Tom is born
:7401 @slides 'virgin island trip on 10th anniversary, alice pregnant with tom|
:7401 @red posters 'virgin island trip on 10th anniversary|
:7407 @slides 'lynn quartermaine & family visit new jersey
       tommy@slides 's baby pictures, jennifer's first communion|
:7407 @red posters 'tom's first birthday|
  Stoped work at Egan Machinery
  Disassembled Spider
  Began Datakit
June 1975
  Basement remodel Busher Pl
:75    summer @red2 'schroon lake|
  First trip to Disney World
:76winter @slides 'clinton|
:7609 @red2 'trip to florida (loose 3 ring page)|
:7609 @red2 'trip to disney world|
Mar 1977
  Aquired pop-up camper
Nov 1977
  First Marriage Encounter
:7702 @slides 'thanksgiving & christmas|
:7703 @info 'pop up trailer|
:7707 @slides 'schroon lake|
:77summer @red2 'north carolina trip with lynn & rosemary & family|
:7711 @info 'first marriage encounter weekend, friday, nov. 18, 1977|
Aug 1978
  Donder dies
  Camping w/ Lynn, Roe & family in NC
:7805 @slides 'jennifer and dan confirmed|
     Alice received a Bachelors degree from Trenton State College.  She began
 work at Clinton Public School as the Librarian.
      Dan began high school.
May 1979
  Ben Q dies
Oct 1979
  Addition to Busher Pl
:7901 @info 'church weekend, friday jan. 19, 1979|
:7906 @slides 'dan graduates clinton public school|
:790728 @info 'purchased mercury 20 hp moter for $900|
:7910 @info 'addition built by contractors|
  Begining of Prayer Meeting
:8002 @info 'second marriage encounter weekend with varnerins at newark airport
             friday, feb. 1, 1980|
:8006 @slides 'jennifer graduates clinton public school|
:8007 @slides 'camping at horse shoe acres in weston vermont  
               with marriage encounter friends
               kids working on the addition
               kids at islands in lake george|
:8009 @slides 'family retreat at 4 seasons, dianna pyle
       trip to washington dc, arlington cemetary, immaculate conception cath.
       uncle charlie@slides 's grave in arlington|
:8012 @slides 'sharon's confirmation
       trip to florida and disney world|
      Church community activities like family retreats were the result of  the
 community  focus  that  resulted  from  the  prayer  meeting.   Formed  close
 relationships with many members in our parish.
:8106 @slides 'arlington cemetary|
:8107 @slides 'camping at horse shoe arcres in weston vermont|
  Alice and Loraine Feorino began the Faithful Fools clowning group.
:8207 @slides 'clowns
       sharon graduates from clinton public school
       camping at weston vermont
       bauer@slides 's visit schroon lake
       family retreat at camp carr|
:8209 @slides 'boating and camping at 1000 islands|
:8209 @blue 'thousand islands trip|
:8211 @slides 'church picnic at bret endeaver|
:8308 @blue 'clown workshop
:8308 @slides 'clowns
       dan graduates from north hunterdon regional high school
       areil shots of alps from plane window|
:8308 @brown binder 'trip to italy, fr. bill hayes and margret|
:83fall @brown binder 'villanova|
:???? @brown binder 'gato as a kitten|
:???? @info 'eucharistic minister|
      Traveled to Italy,  met  Fr.  Bill  and  his  sister  Margret  in  Rome.
 Traveled to Florence and Assisi also.
      Dan started at Trenton State College.
      Alice  left  her job at Clinton Public School to return to Trenton State
 College to study for a Masters Degree.
      The phone company divestiture  was  implemented  resulting  among  other
 things in the formation of a new company called Bell Communications Research.
 John  left  Bell  Telephone  Laboratories  after 18 years to become a charter
 member of the new company
      Jennifer began classes at University of Villanova.
      Alice and John  joined  the  Pre-Canna  team  at  Immaculate  Conception
      Rented a 28 foot sail boat for a week on Lake George.
:84summer @brown binder 'schroon lake|
:84summer @brown binder 'trip to williamsburg virginia with friends|
:84summer @brown binder 'telperian 28 foot sailboat on lake george|
:8401 @brown binder 'new years eve 1984|
:8406 @brown binder 'jennifer graduates from north hunterdon high school|
:8411 @slides 'jennifer graduates from north hunterdon regional high school
       bloomsbury baloon race|
      Alice  received  a  Master  of Library Science degree from Trenton State
      Sharon started college  at  Trenton  State  College.  We  now  have  the
 distinction of having 3 children in collage at the same time.
:8606 @brown binder 'sharon graduates from north hunterdon high school|
:86summer @brown binder 'alice's 25th high school reunion in muskegon michigan|
      The  whole  family  went  skying  at  Killington Vermont. Stayed at Dave
 Weller's cabin in the woods.
      Went on a sailing cruise to the Virgin Islands on a 100 foot boat.
      Dan Graduated from Trenton State College with a Bachelor of Arts degree.
:8701 @brown binder 'ski trip to killington vermont, dave weller's cottage|
:8703 @negatives 'mistery weekend at sagamore hotel in bolton landing,
                  on lake george with friends|
:8701 @brown binder 'trip to virgin islands, sailed on harvey gamage|
May 1988
  Central Air Busher Pl
      Realized a long time dream to own a boat, purchased a 18 foot boat  with
 125 horse power outboard motor just for fun.
      Jennifer   graduated   from   Villanova  with  a  degree  in  Mechanical
      Alice had surgery to remove a malignant tumor from herF breast.
      Jennifer took a job with General Electric and moved to Leominster Mass.
      Tom began high school.
      John and Alice celebrated 25 years of marriage with Bob  and  Carol  Ann
 Faucett. The children organized the party in the Mary House church hall.
:8801 @negatives 'right to life march in washington with tom & others  
                  from church|
:8805 @info 'purchased 18 foot vip boat, 125 hp moter, and trailer|
:8805 @info 'purchased 1986 oldsmobile station wagon|
:8806 @negatives 'took mom to see mother theresa at blue army shrine
                  in washington nj|
:88summer @grey binder 'new boat|
:88fall @grey binder 'tom's confirmation with bishop hughes
                      jennifer gets job at ge in fitchburg mass & new car|
:8812 @white binder 'john & alice 25th wedding anniversary|
      John  and  Alice  traveled  to  England  and  Italy to search out family
 origins. They found that both families (Vollaros and Quartermains), had lived
 in the towns of their origin for many generations.
:890518 @info 'sold mercury 20 hp moter for $800|
:8907 @info 'weekend at cape may with midlife group|
:8909 @negatives 'england and italy tour, 9/23 to 11/7|
:8912 @info 'sharon and tom ried announce their plans to marry in 1991|
Mar 1991
  Sharon & Tom married
Sep 1993
  Maz & Jen married
August 1995
  Tyler is born
Nov 1995
  Baught Chalet at Blue Sky
:9503 @brown1 binder ' Virgin Islands bare boat charter with Tom and Dan |
Jan 1996
  Toma is born
  John retires
Dec 1997
  Alexandra is born
July 1998
  Elizabeth is born
May 2000
  Rental at 22 Everitstown NJ (Frenchtown)
Sep 2000
  Began Expansion of Chalet
May 2001
  Sold Busher Pl
  Moved to NY
  Frenchtown rental ended
Jun 2001
  Tom & Sue Married
  Retirement home at 73 Pine Lane completed
1948 First Communion
1952 - 1959 Built O'scope, Ham radio
1958 - 1961 Lakeview
1960 - 1962 Community College
NAVY YEARS 1962 - 1966
CLINTON YEARS 1966 - 1997
1966 - 1984 Bell Labs, Leon, Lilean, Sandy years
1970 - 1978 Donder
1977 - 1987 Camping, Pop-up, Weston, NC w/Lynn, 1000 islands, Skying at Killington
1977 - 1987 Marriage Encounter, Prayer Meeting, Precanna, Retreats, Choir, Clowning
1983 - 1990 College years
1983 Italy w/ Fr Bill
1984 - 1996 Divestiture, Job change, Bellcore years
1988 - 25 years, Cancer, New boat
1989 Italy - England trip
1991 - 1998 Marriage & Grandchildren Phase 1 (Sharon, Jen,  Tyler, Toma, Alex, Elizabeth)
1995 - 2001 Baught Chalet, Expanded, Sold Busher, Moved to NY
1973 VI
1984 Telperian
1987 Harvey Gamage
TRIPS W/ FRIENDS (Bauers, Feorino, Ditrolio)
1984 Williamsberg
1989 Cape May
1987 Sagamore
2002 Florida
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