Angelo Fiordelisi (Deflories)

By Alice Vollaro   July 1990

Angelo, who had an easy-going manner was from Avellino, Italy and according to Castle Garden records he arrived here, August 22, 1892. He had a brother with red hair, who was a soldier in Italy and he died young.

Angelo and his wife, Adeline, lived on Division Street, in Manhatten after they were married in Italy. He went back to Italy to marry after coming to the U.S. They eventually moved to Hornel, NY in about 1903 or 1904.

Angelo was a lady's tailor and his office was in a room off of their house on 259 Main St., Hornell, NY with a separate entrance. They moved to this residence in 1908. Mary remembers a low table where the ladies would stand and have alterations done. There was a three way mirror and a banjo clock in the room. He also did alterations for men and he complained that the women were fickle! Mary liked to come into the shop after school and sew.

When Angelo opened his shop in Hornell, NY, the man who came to paint the name on the door said that the town was prejudiced against Italians. He offered to paint the name DeFlories on the door instead of Fiordellisi. Angelo began using the name De Flories. His brother-n-law, Louis Aschettini, witnessed an affidavit, stating Angelo was changing his family name.

In about 1920 the family moved to 21st Ave, Brooklyn.

Angelo first cousin was Dr. Peluso, who lived on Homecrest Ave, Brooklyn, NY in the 1970s. This would mean there was possibly at least one more brother or sister who came to this country, or one of the children of his brother or another sister in Italy came to the U.S.



Angelo in Brooklyn