The Navy Years

Accidents aboard USS LAKE CHAMPLAIN:




April 26, 1953


En route to Korea, the LAKE CHAMPLAIN collides with the USS SABINE (AO 25) while attempting to take on aviation fuel. The USS SABINE suffers superficial damage to her superstructure and significant damage to a 3" gun mount and gun director. The LAKE CHAMPLAIN continues on to the far east.

January 10, 1964

Virginia Capes area

USS LAKE CHAMPLAIN loses 41 feet of its catwalk in a storm.

May 6, 1964

150 miles east of Cape Henry, Va.

USS LAKE CHAMPLAIN and USS DECATUR (DD 936) collide in the Atlantic. The DECATUR sustains heavy damage to its superstructure, but there are no personnel injuries.

June 3, 1964

Chesapeake Bay, Va.

USS LAKE CHAMPLAIN collides with the Norwegian freighter SKAUVAAG. There are no injuries.

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