Index of All Photos

Trip to Paris
Sailing in Greece

Sharon & Tom Family High Peak Hiking
John & Alice 50th Anniversary
Tyler's High School Graduation
Jacks image making book
Tom & Sue Florida Visit
  Disney: Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, 4&5



Easter in Georgia
Summer Fun

2011 Events:
Hike to Rainbow Falls
Ausable river hike
Joe's Hexagon project trip
Alice's Art quilts
Pictures of Juliet from Dan
Swimming at the Dollar Islands
Summer fun with the teenage cousins

Juliet's Baptism
A trip to Georgia
Juliet 7 weeks old
Juliet 1-2 weeks old

Juliet Isabel Vollaro is born

2010 Events:
Sailing in the Virgin Islands
Hiking in Wengen Switzerland
A visit to Lucerne Switzerland

2009 Events:
New Years in NJ 2008/2009
Winter in the Adirondacks
Good times in Florida
The Atlanta Aquarium
Memorial Day Camping at  Rocky Neck State Park
Jack's 4th Birthday
Jack at Stone Bridges and Caves
Camp Santonini
Elizabeth skates at the Chesapeake Open
Summer at Schroon Lake
Adirondack Vistas
A walk in the woods
Jack's Creations
deCordova Museum
Boston Childrens Museum
October trip to Atlanta
Thanksgiving 2009
Tom & Sue Christmas and New Year

2008 Events:
Getting ready for the holidays
Christmas 2008
Christmas week in the Adirondacks 2008
Thanksgiving 2008
Apple picking at Togus Farm
Visiting the Sealers
Big Bugs at Garden in the Woods
Halloween 2008
Labor Day 2008
Southwick Zoo
Walden Pond
Yosemite Trip
Seattle Trip
Oregon Flowers
Oregon Coast Trip
Fourth of July
Betty Quartermaine
Jack's Third Birthday
Memorial Day Camping Trip
Boston Museum of Science
Florida Trip
Baby Sitting in Sudbury
Luisanda trees
Luisanda damage

2007 Events:
June 9, '07 in Sudbury
Crayola Factory
Halloween 2007 in Boston
Apple picking in Boston
Bath-Hornell Trip
Summer fun (June, July, August 2007)
4th of July Celebration at Schroon Lake
Luisanda 75th Anniversary Party
Jack & Anna Spring '07
Toma & Allie's Piano Recital
Anna Mary Vollaro's Baptism
Anna's baptism party
Florida Birthday Party
Anna (newborn)

2006 Events:
Piano Recital
Columbus Day in Adirondack
Ti to Whitehall boat trip
Dan & Nayle's wedding in Venezuela
A Trip to Venezuela in July
Jack's First Birthday
Memorial Day camping trip (Cape Cod)
Elizabeth's First Communion
Jen & Family in Beirut Lebanon
Jen & Family vacation in Jordan,
    Aqaba, Amman. The Dead Sea, Ajlun Castle
Fourth of July at Schroon Lake
Easter at Schroon Lake
Erika's baby shower
Florida in February
A visit with Dan & Nayle in Atlanta
Jack February 2006
Jack 7 months old
Jack's first trip to Boston

2005 Events:
Disney World 2005
John & Alice Rafting at Indian Lake NY
Jack Thomas (Newborn)
Jack's Baptism
Jack 2 months old
Spring of 2005
Summer of 2005
Fall of 2005
Winter of 2005
Christmas 2005

Dan & Nayle in Venezuela
Dan & Nayle's Wedding in New Jersey
Tom & Sue's Wedding
Sharon & Tom's Wedding
Sharon & Tom 2
Jen & Mazin Reception
John & Alice Wedding


Family Faces in 2010
Family Faces in 2005

Alice's quilts

Virgin Islands sailing in 1974
Virgin Islands sailing in 1998
Virgin Islands sailing in 2010
Early boating at Luisanda

Early years in Brooklyn
Brooklyn in the 1950's
John's Ham Radio Station
Schroon Lake in the 1950's
Luisanda East Construction
John & Alice (Navy Years)
John & Alice (Early NJ)
John & Alice (Clinton NJ)
Luisanda 50th Anniversary

Luisanda 75th Anniversary Party
CD From Christmann

J&A Family

Other Photo Sets:
Tyler 1st Water Ski Dock Start
Tree down at Luisanda (2012)
The Dollar Islands of Lake George
Inside Cabin 2
Cabin 2 demolition 2009
Luisanda Floor Options
Mary & Joe Hevesi's 50th anniversary party
Ron's remote control plane
Summer '06 group 1
Summer '06 group 2
Leaf Peeping 2006
House Addition (Adirondack 2000)
Jonali Addition
A boat trip to Whitehaul

Jen & Family in Beirut Lebanon (2006)
Tom & Sue in Italy (2004)
Venezuela (2006), Dan & Nayle's wedding